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Elle Fox


Painter & illustrator

Hello, I'm Elle Fox and I love to create! I first declared my passion for making art at the age of three, then at five I received my first sketchbook and decided to become an artist! Since then, I've been busy developing my skills in various mediums and cultivating my own artistic perspective.

I was born in Buffalo, NY but moved to South Australia after preschool, where my experiences at the beach, markets, parks, and art classes inspired me to draw. I've always been ambitious, and with the influence of my grandmother and various other mentors, I decided early on that I would be an art teacher. When I was eight, my family relocated to the Philadelphia area and we welcomed the first of many foster children into our home the following year. The subject matter of many of my projects has been greatly influenced by the children that we've known and loved; they always seem to find their way into the meaning, story, or purpose of my art. Family is vitally important to me, and mine has enormously supported my creativity and allowed me to grow far more than I could have on my own. 

I want this platform to show my biggest, most purposeful projects in a way that is thoughtful, creative, and fully immersive. My biggest project to date is a children's book that I wrote and illustrated, titled Meatball and Birdie. Through this story I share my experiences as a foster sibling, and though it avoids the long explanation of how the foster system works, it drops the reader right into the emotional journey that is foster care. I'm hopeful that the resulting conversation can be applied to many different life circumstances — that a child can take the principles that they learn from Meatball and Birdie and apply them to areas of their own lives that might be confusing or sad, or just hard to explain.

This is the type of work that I want to reflect through Elle Fox Art — and Meatball and Birdie is only the beginning.

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